Comic 8: Casino Kings

One fine day…
A: Hey, good job on the first film, dude!
B: Thanks! It was quite good, right?
A: Yeah! Everyone seems liking it.
B: I know. I even thought of making a sequel just now.
A: No, shit! Me too!
B: Great! I was thinking of making it like this…ya know like that film. We just took a small bit of it, and turn it to a parody.
A: Ow, that would be good! Or we could just add this from this film, and level up the joke!
B: That could work too! Let’s write this down!

As the time went by, they were really into the planning.

And this is behind the scene of Comic 8: The Casino Kings.

Hello, and welcome to the first edition on film reviews. Unfortunately the film that would be reviewed today isn’t a good one. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you…

This is an Indonesian comedy film which is a sequel of a film with the title “Comic 8”. Apart from the amount of stars in the film, there’s not much differences between the original and the sequel. They both have humour as dry as the Sahara desert.

Right…where do I begin? I think I would start from the beginning of the film, which is when the film just started. Like other films, you’d be shown the title screen which consists of the name of the film, the names of (leading) actors and actresses, also the names of the director and producers.

Comic 8: The Casino Kings took this whole thing to the max. In all films, they would only mention some names, more or less 3-5 names, of actors who are in the film. On the other hand, this film mentioned every single actors and actresses names that are involved (read: have scenes) in the film. From the main characters to other characters that only have a little amount of appearing scenes.

Seriously…why did they do that? I really have no clue. I was really surprised when I noticed the title scene took forever to finish. I also realised that it kept giving out names of all the people who play parts in there. This felt like a student made a film with his friends…and all his friends wanted their names to be mentioned in the film. Face palm, head desk.

Starting from here, I could smell the shit. Boy…how I was right…

For more or less an hour forty minutes, I yawned the whole time. Not to mention, I kept on looking at my watch, rearranging how I sat, and regretting not buying popcorn and soda even though I was already full. I have a feeling, the film would be better if I have something to make me be less focus on it.

This is supposed to be a comedy film, yet none of the jokes in there could even tickle me. I found the jokes are dry and also childish in some ways. Maybe some people would like them, but not me.

Next is the plot. Many people said that they’re confused with the plot, but I’m not. Though being said that, I didn’t enjoy the plot at all. The present-back to past-back to present plot can be confusing, and to be honest…this is not what the film needs. Other than it makes people confused, it also gave out lots of stuff that didn’t seem important.

Ow, do I have to mention that they also made some parody scenes from some films as well? Yeah, please guys…lose that. Scary movie saga has tried…and

Also…what’s with these chapters? As I watched the film, in my head I was like, ‘What am I watching? a film or a tv series?’ They’re just unnecessary accessories. They’ve should just leave those out of the film.

Now, let’s talk about the characters.  The acting of the characters were so-so. Since most of them are stand-up comedians, I can understand for their lack of acting skill. They could improve that skill sooner or later. But I have to wag my finger to all the so-called actors and actresses…I mean, is that really the best you could do guys?! Especially to the senior actors and actresses. It feels as if they don’t give a shit to the film, and they just can’t wait to cash out the paycheck soon.

Though being said that, these actors and actresses didn’t really get a huge amount of screenings, so maybe that’s why they can’t perform to their fullest (perhaps…).

Ow, by the way, GePamungkas…yeah, just try to come up with your own acting instead copying Jim Carrey’s acting style. Perhaps other people didn’t notice, but I DID notice it. It’s a bore, I have to say. Also…you’re not Jim Carrey.

Right, this review has gone too far, I should wrap this up. I know I have bashed the film here and there, but there are still some good parts.

The CGI is actually quite good. There are some parts that are…meh, but it’s still good.

Some new faces in there are actually nice and fresh. At least they gave out good vibe to the film.

So, in the end, after that TLDR review…I have to say the film is bad. I should have gone with my guts to not watch it, since I’ve watched the original and didn’t like it either.

It is a shame for a film which got such a huge hype in the interweb; which has a big list of rising or even famous stand-up comedians and not to mention well-known actors and actresses; which seems having spent a lot of money in making it; just feels as if it was done by some amateurs.

The whole film feels like…well…a happy-go-lucky film that you would only show to your family or friends, especially the ones that are in the film.
Because…eventhough all the actors and actresses may seem enjoying the process, the audiences didn’t really feel that way.

well at least, that audience is me.

Today at the Cinema #1:
Comic 8: Casino Kings <1/5>


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