Catatan Akhir Kuliah

Ah, I remember Catatan Akhir Sekolah (CAS). I used to like it to be honest. The story may seem simple, but it has its own complexity in it. Not to mention, the jokes are quite ticklish. Also…there are some quotes that are still stick in my head (“Apa kita terlalu jenius, sampe semua orang pada iri sama kita?! Iya?!” -> unforgettable quote is UN.FOR.GET.ABLE)

So, when I know that there’s the sequel, Catatan Akhir Kuliah, I was sooo excited to watch it. I always wonder how the university life would be for three fellows from CAS. I have a feeling the film would be interesting to watch!


It’s not the sequel?!

Apparently so.

Hello, and welcome to the second film review. This time it’s another Indonesian film with the title of Catatan Akhir Kuliah.

As I mentioned before, this is not a sequel of CAS. Instead, it’s a completely different story from it. Infact, the interesting degree between these two films are so different. Unfortunately, CAS still took the whole cake on that.

There is a problem in the plot of this film. A tldr, the story is about a guy named Sam with his two friends struggling to finish their thesis. But having a film about trying to finish your time in university is boring. So, of course there are some additional flavours for making it nicer. In this film case, it got some additional romance drama in it.

Or…so I thought…

It turned out as the film went on, that additional romance drama became bigger and almost took away the story that has been built up from the beginning. Sam became so obsessed with his love, that not only that made me look desperate and pathetic but also he pretty much has ruined the whole plot. The whole thing was too much. To me, this feels like eating fettuccine carbonara with some additional grated parmesan cheese on top. But as you pour the cheese, you start to notice you’ve made cheese carbonara instead fettuccine.

This plot is like that. It has too much cheese, that it became utterly cheesy…

Eventhough there are flaws in the plot, it wasn’t a bad plot. It still has some interesting moments and not to mention some hidden (wise) messages in it. It’s just unfortunate when one small thing ruined it.

As for the jokes, they were okay. Some of them could make me giggle, some could actually put a smile on my face. But being said that, I was hoping for more than just a giggle and a smile. Even worst, when the story went through the first stage, the jokes had become more and more…well…plain. It was kinda sad to see that.

I guess the one thing that I think the film is good, is the acting. I don’t know much on most of the actors and actresses in there, but I have to say I am pleased with their acts. Ow and to be underlined, the acts in here are not only on the main actors and actresses but also the minors and even extras. Each one of them acts naturally. It’s just nice to find so little awkwardness in the film. It may also seem that they are really enjoying their parts, and that joy was given to the audience as well. Well at least to me.

Right, I think I could wrap this review up now. Overall, it’s still a nice film. Well, comparing it to the first film that I reviewed, this one is better in my opinion. So. if you have some time to kill, I would recommend it to watch it.

Ow, before I leave you, there is one more thing that I want to say. When I watched this film, apparently I was the only person in the studio to watch it. At first, I felt it was awesome, but later on I felt sad. This is the second time I watched an Indonesian film with me as the only audience. It’s sad, like really really sad to be honest.

I just wish more people would watch Indonesian films, especially when we notice that the nation’s film industry is trying its best to rise up. I know there are still bad films, and of course we don’t really want to spend much money on a bad one.

But seeing how lack the interest over Indonesian films, I’m not surprised to see how gloomy our film industry is. So, if you could, he very least we should support it by watching the films.

Just my 100 rupiahs…

Today at The Cinema #2
Catatan Akhir Kuliah <3/5>


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