Inside Out

For me, this film has the longest promotion period comparing it to other films. I have seen the posters on the coming soon frame for months. Not to mention I also kept seeing its trailer every time I watched other films.

After being skipped by other (big) films such as, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys, Minions and even Ant Man, finally I can watch this film.

Such a little teaser…

Hello, and welcome to Today at the Cinema!
Today, I’m going to review the little teaser who keeps me curiouser and curiouser, named…

As I said before, I’ve seen all the promotions and ads of the film starting from April or May, but not until August that I’m finally able to watch it. I guess after the rest of the world watched it, it’s my time now.

Inside Out is another Disney x Pixel animation film, and every time these dynamic duo joint their power…something wonderful will happen. And it was.

Let’s start with the plot. The plot is simple yet deep. It’s about a life of a girl from her emotions’ point of views, but in a kiddy way. Bare in mind, this is a Disney film. Every Disney films would have a plot that puts kids above the adults, so it won’t be a surprise to feel this film as a bit childish. But don’t worry, the plot may seem a bit childish, but it has some depth that make adults stay put on their seats.

As I was saying, the plot is a bit kiddish, and this can be seen in the main characters, five emotions. Of course humans have more than five, but for kids perhaps it would be better to have only five emotions. Anyway, eventhough it may seem there are five main characters, I guess the main characters in here are Joy and Sadness. They have more scenes, and also these two emotions are the only ones that are opposite of each other. As for the rest, they were comic relieves. But their existence adds some nice flavours to it, which makes the film more enjoyable.

Now, let’s move on to graphic. I love the graphic! They are so colourful and cool, and colourful, and imaginative, and colourful, and smooth…and have I mentioned how colourful it is?

If you think I’m mocking the graphic, well…I’m not. I DO like the graphic. It’s soft, smooth yet bubbly and fluffy. The whole graphic for the emotions’ world feels like cotton candy to me. It was so colourful, imaginative and fluffy. Yet, when they switch to the real world part, it changes into more serious one. Beautiful and sophisticated…. Just ex.ce.len.te!

In some ways, the graphic also can let out some emotions in me. To be honest, I’m not surprised to see a very nice graphic in this film. Infact, seeing all Pixar’s animated films, also how Disney able to make their own animated film, I would be angry if I got less quality graphic in this film. So yes, good job indeed!

As for the rest – music, voice acting, etc – I don’t have any complains. They’re all good in their own departments.

So, is this a 5-stars film then?

Well…not really…

Despite everything I said, the film itself doesn’t give any memorable value for me. The plot feels too simple, that I feel I have seen this type of plot before. Even the (main) characters in there make me feel a deja vu when I saw them. Well, more like the character or type, instead of the physique. The two type main characters (the hero and the ‘unwanted’ one) and even the goofy-yet-main character (Bing Bong) feel familiar to my memories. As if I have met them before, in different films.

But overall, I enjoyed this film. I laughed; I cried (a bit); I’m annoyed; and of course, I’m satisfied. A film about emotions that could make me emotional…what a film…

Today at the Cinema #3:

Inside Out <4/5>


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