The Man from U.N.C.L.E

It has been a long time since the last time I saw Hugh Grant. So, when I knew that Hugh Grant was cast for a new film, I was kinda curious what kind of film he is in.

Of course, if we’re talking about Hugh Grant, the first guess would be another romantic-comedy film. well…at least that was my guess…

But apparently it’s a spy/heist film. Yeah, who would guess that…

Ow, and boy…Hugh Grant looks old~

Hello, and welcome back to (almost-forgotten) Today at the Cinema!

I’m supposed to write a review of another film, but I think that one has to wait. Since for today, I’d give you…

To be honest, this has been the third (or fourth?) tries for me in writing a review for this film. Why so many tries? Because after thinking it more, there are many things that I like about this film, that would make this review a long one. So I’ll try to make it not too long.


Anyway, this film was directed by Guy Ritchie; and boy, how he really shown that it’s HIS film. As you watch the film, you’ll be ‘served’ with great cinematography, beautiful sceneries, and amazing 1960s atmosphere ala chef Ritchie. Along side with some wonderful soundtracks to add more spices to the film, this film has become such a ‘delicious’ film…

Though being said that, I don’t expect less from Guy Ritchie.

Next, the acting, the actors and the actress. Honestly, I LIKE the acting of the main male characters. First, Napoleon Solo, a CIA agent, was acted very nicely by Henry Cavill, who is apparently a British actor! I’d never in my head think the guy as a British, especially when he talks using a deep-with-smooth-American-accent-in-the-60s voice. With his handsome look which-makes-me-think-he-would-be-suitable-as-Superman, ooh…he just took my breath away~

On the other hand, Illya Kuryakin being acted out by an American actor, Armie Hammer, also took half of the breath from Solo. The acting that Hammer did was good, nice and fine like wine. Also, that sexy Russian accent…yeah, I melted every time I heard that.

I did mention an actress right? Yes, only one. Why? Because I think there’s only one actress in the film that took the whole cake, other than the boys. And she is the main female villain. She is elegant and gorgeous, yet smart and cold. A femme fatale, if I do say so myself.

What’s next on the list? Ah, the plot. The plot is your typical espionage themed plot, with some actions, treacheries, car (and ship) chases, and of course explosions. Interestingly enough, when I watched it, the film feels like a bank/casino heist film. Maybe perhaps it’s because some of the scenes and the songs sound similar to Ocean’s 11 and its sequels.

On the other hand, In some ways, I feel that the focus of the film isn’t really the action, but more like the comedy. Because there are quite a lot of humours in this film, and some of them could make me giggle and laugh. This makes the film feels light, though unfortunately being light is also what the climax scene was. The climax scene felt it was done a bit…well, hurriedly. As if they were too excited with the humours, that they forgot they haven’t done the climax scene. So, they have to come up with one idea…fast.

It’s a shame.

Speaking of shame, there are also some not-so-good stuff that I found in this film. One of them would be the main female character. Perhaps this is just me, but I found the main girl isn’t as good as her partners. I guess she’s supposed to be a nervous and awkward character, but she didn’t do it well. So, she ended up with stiff, robotic act…that newbie actor/actress would do.

Other bad things that I found in this film is the split-screen scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I (sort of) like split-screen; and I noticed that for this film, Guy Ritchie did a lot of these split-screen scenes. Some of them are good, but some are just sore for the eyes. Especially in one of the action scene, I feel they don’t have to use the split-screen. It’s nice to experiment, but it’s not nice to have a headache after seeing them.

Right, time to wrap this up! So, what’s the verdict?

It’s a good film, and I recommend you to watch it. Especially if you like espionage films, well light espionage film that is. With more good points than bad points, this film should be in your watch-list indeed!

P.S: Ow, yeah…I almost forgot. Hugh Grant was there, as some important person with only several minutes scenes in the film. Perhaps…that’s how important he was in this film? Ow…and have I mentioned how old he looks? Where has the so-called British hottie gone to? Time, you’re such cruel cruel thing indeed…

Today at the Cinema #4

The Man from U.N.C.L.E < 3.5/5 >


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