Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

It was a dilemmatic situation, as in…to watch or not to watch the film. After being disappointed with lots of sequels and to be added not too mesmerised with the prequel of this film, I don’t have much interest in watching the sequel.

But for the sake of being one of the cool people, I guess I have to watch it.

Also…I had more or less 4 hours to spare anyway…

Hello, and welcome to Today at the Cinema!

After got stuck in the black hole (named daily routine), I’m finally able to be here again. Hopefully, I could stay here and stay away from the black hole.


Anyway, let’s review today’s film, which is…

Let’s start with ze plot, like usual. Even though the plot is a continuation from the first film, it doesn’t seem to let people to stop and remember the plot from the prequel; instead, it continues directly. As if it were saying, “You’ve watched the first film, right? Good. Let’s go,” while taking your arm and dashing off.

Though being said that, the plot is actually not bad. It has lots of actions, post-apocalyptic actions that is. I’m sure you know many other films using the same theme. Remember Divergent series, The Walking Dead series, and I am Legend? Well, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is like a mix from all of them together. I’m not against it, especially when it was done well.

Not too shabby…

But I guess the most obvious one that they have in the plot is…running scenes. The film does have a lot of scenes on running. Most of them are running away from stuff, such as people, zombies, ruins, even-scarier-looking zombies, etc. I guess it stays true to its series name?

After the plot, it’s time for the graphic. I have to say, I actually think the graphic is good. They did a good job in showing off how world would be if it got damaged by solar flare…or something like that. Also using desert instead just barren-land is interesting. I like seeing how the ruined city became forgotten desert. In some ways, this makes Maze Runner a bit better than the usual post-apocalyptic films.

But, there are some parts that make me wonder. For example, when they reached to a place where there were some trees, it does make me wonder…why there are trees? I mean shouldn’t all the trees are gone now? Just like the ruined and deserted city?

Or perhaps, only some parts of the world got the solar flare? In this case, only the deserted desert city?


Right, as for the acting and directing, everything is just a-okay. I think the biggest point of this film is the plot. I’ve watched many films which were based on popular novels that have not-so-good to horrible plots. On the other hand, this film has a good plot. As someone who haven’t read the books, I didn’t complain or got lost while watching the film. And that, my friend, is go to the od.

So, does this film have a bad point?

Well apart from some plot holes and lots-of-scenes-in-darkness-and-not-to-mention-jumpscares-which-I-despise-ever-so-much, there aren’t many worth-to-mention bad points. The reason why I don’t mention the plot holes, because I think they would be resolved later on in the next sequel. Also, they don’t effect the main plot too much.

Right, what’s the final thought?

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is a good film, especially if you are really into post-apocalyptic action/drama film. Though bear in mind, seeing how low the references from the first film, it would be better for you to watch the first film first. Running straightforward to this film might make you get lost in the maze…

Today at the Cinema #5

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials <3/5>


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