Hotel Transylvania 2

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to watch a film!

Seeing that it’s October already, I’m not surprised to see some Horror related films are starting to pop-up here and there. Either from real horror films to films that have horror themes in it. I guess for horror fan, this is their month indeed.

Ow, wait…today’s not Wednesday…

That’s right, today is Sunday and it’s (still) Today at the Cinema time!

I know this post is supposed to be on Wednesday, but I was either busy, tired or just not in the right situation to write it. Anyway, for today, we have…

To be honest, I enjoyed the prequel. Adam Sandler and the others had a very fun animation film. The story was interesting and also funny, and also the jokes were funny. It was a fun-fun animation film.

But unfortunately, the same feeling can’t be said to Hotel Transylvania 2.

So, what’s wrong with the sequel?

Well, the film is enjoyable. There are some funny moments here and there, and not to mention lots of jokes ala Adam Sandler. Though apart from the slapstick jokes, the other jokes might be for adults only which makes me kind of wondering…which age the film is aimed to anyway. Since many of jokes aren’t funny if you are a kid….

Other than that, the graphic is nice. It might not be an upgrade from the first, well at least in my opinion, which is unfortunate. I didn’t see any differences in the animation, especially for the characters. Unlike How to Train Your Dragon 2 where you can see some changes and development in the characters, in Hotel Transylvania 2 everyone still looks the same. As if the story happened right after the first film.

It’s understandable for the monsters for not aging, but as for the main dude (Mavis’ husband which I forgot his name), at least he should have aged a bit. But I know, they’re not real etc. It’s just…it would be nice if there is other progress other than the story.

Ow, speaking of the story, the story doesn’t have any relations to the hotel anymore. It’s more focused on the relationship between families, also humans and monsters. So in some ways, the film doesn’t really deserve the title of Hotel Transylvania? I guess…

Anyway, the story has an interesting point of not being judgmental of differences that people have. In this case, differences between monsters and humans. Infact this film also touched a bit on the whole different race relationships. It’s quite interesting.

Well, it doesn’t sound bad right? Yeah, it’s not. It’s just not great either.

For me, in the end, the film is just mediocre. Nothing special about it. It’s just your average animated film. Average story, average jokes, average graphics and even average soundtracks.

In some ways, it’s kind of sad to see how average the film is. Also it’s sad to see how Adam Sandler’s jokes became…well average. At least for me.

Lastly, If you enjoy Adam Slander’s jokes, go and watch the film. But if you expect a better film than the prequel, well better save your money and just watch it in DVD or Blu-ray.

Today at the Cinema #6
Hotel Transylvania 2 <2.7/5>


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