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Wednesday seems to have become my go-to-the-cinema day, well…unofficially that is. So of course, I’ve decided to watch a film today.

There were two choices that I wanted to watch. They are Johnny Depp’s newest film (where he doesn’t act like a weirdo anymore) or Anne Hathaway’s newest film (where she acts as quirky as ever?).

At first I thought it would be interesting to see Johnny Depp acts seriously, but apparently fate thought differently…

Welcome back to Today at the cinema!

Finally an on-time, right-on-schedule post! It’s surprising, isn’t it? I know right?!

Anyway, as I was saying, I did decide to watch Black Mass. But as I arrived at the cinema, I ended up watching…

Right off the bat, I thought this film would be one of those Anne Hathaway’s films where she plays as some silly girl. Boy, how I was wrong.

And I am glad, I was wrong.

Okay, let’s start with the plot. I love the plot! Love it, adore it, totally like it! It may look like your typical Hallmark drama, but it has a deeper context and feeling than Hallmark’s. Also if you hate cheesiness in TV dramas, don’t worry, the scriptwriter(s) did a very good job in avoiding them.

I also have to tip my hat to the scriptwriter(s) for succeeding in putting lots of events into one wonderful plot. I have noticed many have tried, yet they failed miserably. But not this film. This film may only last for two hours (more or less), but it feels as if you have watched a whole season of TV drama series, yet you don’t feel bored at all. All the events that happened in the plot was flowing smoothly, as if it was swimming along the river.

Have I told you how I love the plot? I fancy it!

But wait, there’s more! I also love how the plot could make you feel everything in one film. Joy, love, sadness, disappointment, and even excitement in one batch. But to me, for sure this film gives me a warmth feeling. Watching this film feels like as if I were sitting in front of fireplace while drinking a cup of hot choco in the middle of dark cold winter night.

Yes, I am fascinated with the plot!

Oh! Almost forgot! I also love how the dialogues go. The usage of words, how every roles replies to each others, ooooh…I died. It was soo good. Never before have I commented anything on dialogues, until I watched this film.

Need I say more to let you know how I am enchanted by the plot of the film?

Other than the plot, I also love all the actors and actresses in the film, especially the lead actress and actor. The combo between Hathaway and De Niro was surprisingly very good. The chemistry between them was solid, and in some ways it feels that both fills each other gaps nicely.

Anne Hathaway was actually good in her role. I know she has played different roles before, but I think this one feels like it was made only for her. Serious, tough yet still a bit quirky, such an interesting combo.

Though being said that, I think it was Robert De Niro who took the whole cake in performance. In such matured age, he did such a tremendous act. He succeeded making his role likable, not only in the film but also to the audiences. Not only that, the way he acts feels as if he doesn’t act at all. Though interestingly…in many of the scenes, it feels it was Robin Williams who was playing the role instead of him. But one thing for sure, he really shown how to be a senior yet professional and talented actor. Unlike some other actors…

Please, give this guy an oscar already! If he hasnt got one. Ow wait…scratch that…just give him one!

Right, what else should I put in here? Cinematography was nice, I love seeing New York in more a less big-city-type. Also I love the soundtracks. Good mix between oldies and modern tunes.

I need to warp this review now, or else I wont stop talking about it. Also I’m running out of synonyms for love. But before that, does this film have bad stuff in it? Well, just like any other man-made stuff, there’ll always be flaws, including this film.

As much as I love the plot, I have to admit the plot does ring a bell to other film or something like that. An older man teaches/gives some wisdom to a youngster…yeah I think I’ve seen this one before. So, the plot isn’t something new. Also to be added, there are some little plot holes, but they ain’t matter at all.

Lastly, this may not sound like a flaw, but I could see De Niro’s role being played by late Robin Williams. I’d watch that film, most definitely, if it was.

So, should you watch this film? If my review hasn’t convinced you to watch it, then don’t watch it. But if you have missed watching film with good flowing plot which could play around with your feelings, then you HAVE to watch this film.

Also for girls and women, I think you should watch it. It has a strong message in there in how you shouldn’t stop pursuing your dream in order to compromise with a cheating spouse, nagging ladies who can’t have the same dream as you or some people who underestimate your skill just because of your gender and age.

I heartily endorse this film.

Today at the Cinema #7
The Intern <4.8/5>


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