Makurano Danshi

Happy new year!

Say good bye to 2015, and hello to 2016. What did you say? I’m too late? Nonsense! It’s still new year day in Saturn~ *cough*excusesforbeinghiatus*cough*

So, any resolutions for this new year? If you have, hopefully it’s not including this particular anime.


Hello, and welcome to Today at the cinema…


Yeah, I didn’t watch this in the cinema actually, but more like home-cinema (a.ka my laptop).

Anyway, today I’m bringing you…Makurano Danshi.


Never before an anime made me into a constant bickering critic, until I watched this one.

The plot…wait…does it really have a plot? To be honest, not really. It’s just about twelve different “pillow boys” (two men, eight guys and one boy) who sleep beside the viewer. The series is a first-person story, so it would feel weird seeing the characters talked to you directly, eventhough it doesn’t really feel like that.

Right, since I can’t really talk much about the plot (again…what plot?!), let’s talk about the characters.

This is just my opinion, but I hate the character designs of almost all the characters in here. I really dislike the drawing style of the characters. Their eyes are just…ukh…ugly. They look dead, uncaptivating none whatsoever. Due to this, I kept thinking the characters are ugly…well, accept one or two…for some reasons.

Anyway, seeing that the anime’s aim toward to female audiences, which in this case probably from teenager to young adults, so I’m not surprised to see some dating sims stereotypes. So, why don’t we see these guys and see what I think of them. Let’s go~

Guy #1 Merry (the manchild type) : I found him ugly and annoying. I get it, some girls like guys who are cute + a bit childish, but unfortunately this type is not my cup-a-joe. When I heard him asking questions which leads to ask me whether I want to sleep with him, I just looked at him with a cold stare and wish I could just kick him out of the room. NEXT!


Guy #2 Tanaka Sousuke (the creepy-work-senpai type): despite his good-looking-chiseled body, I found him ugly as well. I guess it’s because his eyes are just…ukh…I can’t look at them. Especially when he goes too close. There are some moments where he was just too close that it felt cringy.



WTF! Move away, you creep!

Seriously, though…there were some moments where I felt that the girl was being kidnapped by this guy. I mean, he’s taking home the girl because she’s too drunk; in a car…with dimmed-light…yeah, it spells “serial murderer” all over in some ways.  Anyway, I don’t like this character either. NEXT!

Guy #3 Hanamine Kanade (the narcisstic type): I literally totally dislike this guy. TOTALLY. He’s some kind of violinist, but my god…his attitude was so over the top! That proud as peacock attitude and that arrogance just annoyed the hell out of me. Also not to mention, he’s freaking ugly-looking. Instead wanting to see more of him, I just want to suffocate him with a pillow instead.  In some ways, they tried to make this character likable, by putting a ‘funny’ scene where he was afraid of tiny spider. If only I could put so many spiders in the music room, and leave it locked away…. NEXT!

Guy #4 Kijinami Eiji (the tsundere country boy type): he’s the guy with a different dialect than the others. To me, he has the worst style ever among all the men. He wears hairclips on his hairbang (why?!), like seriously two cute hair clips (just why?!!!)! He also rolls his trousers asymmetrically (whyohwhy?!!). Though apart from that, he has a bit more pleasant personality than the last three. It seems he’s supposed to be tsundere, but I don’t think he’s tsundere enough. He’s too kind to be tsundere…. NEXT!

Guy #5 Emori Teodoru Ryushi (the fragile type): this guy reminds me of a character in Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side. A smart guy who looks fragile. I remember on one scene where he suggested to share his blanket (or sleeping bag? I forgot), he looks so feminine. Yeah, that’s most-definitely a…TURN.OFF! NEXT!

Guy #6 Maiki Yu (the weird type): If I remember correctly, this one is supposed to be chuni [adolescent delusion] boy. What is that? I have no idea, but here’s a link for that. So, what do I think of the character? Meh. The whole act in sounding like an adult, then thinking he might have magic power, and not to mention trying to act that he’s some emo (yet failing to do so)…yeah, definitely not my cup-a-joe. Maybe if I were younger, I might reconsider (maybe…perhaps…), but yeah, not for present me. I just found them kinda annoying. Also, what’s with that eye patch?! I remember that he has sty or something, but for some reasons, character this type is always associated with eye patch. Were they pirates in past life? NEXT!

Guy #7 Enokawa Haruto (the wtf-are-you-here type): Seriously…WTF this character is here?!! I was surprised shocked to see this one in here. I mean, he’s a 5 years old! A 5 years old in an anime series about sleeping next to the viewer, who are mostly girls OLDER THAN HIM. Whyintheworldishehere?! Maybe it’s just me and my stained-brain that think this is just wrong. Character-wise, I don’t like it. It’s like dealing with usual kid…and I don’t want to imagine myself sleeping with some underage kid…. NEXT!

Guy #8 Sasayama Nao (the flirty type): When I said usual, it means you could find this type in real life, and quite many of them. To be honest, this is the first guy where my reactions toward him were a bit calmer. He’s also the first guy that I didn’t comment much on the drawing style. I think the art style actually suits him. I’m okay with him…but not really interested either. Usually I avoid guys like this in real life anyway. Also, at the end of the episode, where he suggests the viewer to go to sleep, that’s not creepy at all…nope. NEXT!

Guy #9 Mochidzuki Shirusu (the strange type): Ah, glasses guy, the usual type that I would think interesting. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen to this one. Apart from him being ugly (we’re back to ugly wagon, people!), I found this guy is kinda weird. He’s a librarian who likes to observe people who come to the library. That doesn’t sound too strange, until he suggested a book on kitten so the viewer could get a more exciting life. Is it me, or there’s some hidden message in there? It feels like there is…. NEXT!

Guys #10 Chigiri Yonaga & Chigiri Yayoi (the twins type): Oh…not this one…. After seeing 8 episodes of ugliness, annoyances, weirdness and cringe, plus one episode of decency; then we got this one. Honestly…so far…this is the creepiest, cringest, scariest, and most horrific episode this series has. The twins looks so scary; that every time I saw them coming closer, I felt as if they were about to kill me.


Please…don’t kill me!! Nooooooo!

Their eyes, man…those eyes, their expressions, the way they looked at you, everything about it creeped me out. Also their behaviours and reactions gave such bad vibes to me. Hiiiii *shivers* NEXT!

Guys #11 Ida Yuichiro (the ojisan type): Finally…. To me, this episode feels like a fresh air, after the awful storm; like a peaceful harmony, after a horrible war; like a cold water, after struggling under the hot day. In other word, the best episode ever! Why? Well, firstly…the art style seems better for him. He looks far better than the rest of the guys. Secondly, from all the characters, this one is the maturest, manliest and interestingly-enough funniest character in this series. The combination of rough-looking but also knowledge of shoujo-manga references is just perfect. He’s the only character that could make me laugh, and I really appreciate that…especially after seeing a nuclear bomb. He also seems interesting and quite wise as well. Kinda wish I could know him more. NEXT!

As for the last episode, it’s just Merry but little version. Nothing different, still annoying.

Clearly this is not my type of anime, even though I’m really into dating simulation or visual novel games. I found almost all the characters are annoying, weird, strange and creepy; but I realised each one of them were presented accordingly to their age…well apart from Merry (gawd…I don’t like him). Other than that, it’s unfortunate that art style is completely a miss. I know I’ve mentioned some characters that actually are okay, but most of them are not okay. The droopy eyes and weird lips (which I almost think looks like duck lips (if ducks have lips, that is)) are just awful.

Today at (sort-of) The Cinema #8

Makurano Danshi <2/5>


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