Star Trek Beyond

Hello, how are you? I am back in the station, after gone MIA. There were too many other businesses that I had to dealt with, so I didn’t really have time to do reviews of films. Hopefully I could be back in reviewing more films.

Speaking more films, to make it up, I will present some reviews of films that I’ve watched recently. I will try to post two reviews in a week. As for today, it’s a Sci-Fi film.

I don’t really remember when the last time I watched Sci-Fi.

Ow, wait…I do. It was the latest Star Wars film. Yeah, probably that was the last time…

Anyway, for this film…it would be that OTHER BIG Sci-Fi saga, that I’m sure everyone knows about it.

Before anyone dissed me, I want to put a disclaimer. I am not really a fan of the franchise, but I do enjoy watching them. So, this is just my point of view not as a film-goer, not a fan. So, without further ado I present you…Star Trek Beyond.


While watching this film, at first I though I need to watch the first sequel; but after watching it, I don’t think it was necessary. The story was quite independent from the first sequel. It was good though, I like films which don’t punish their viewers just because they’ve missed one of the sequels.

The plot was quite nice. I don’t want to tell you too much about it, but the tl;dr is the story took place when some of the crews felt the need to have a change, even for Captain Kirk and Spock, and one small event gave them that change.

It was an interesting plot that has some interesting moments, but can be confusing to follow. Perhaps it was because of some flashbacks that it liked to throw out. Also there were some unexplained plots that make me the whole premise look even more confusing. For example, the motivation of the villain wasn’t clear enough. Though the main thing was how the villain ended up the way they were weren’t explained at all.

As for the performance, each character performed well as usual. Nothing major differences in them. Though it’s interesting to see some of the ‘minor’ characters got more chances to shine. The story wasn’t too focused on just Captain Kirk and Spock, but also the other crews. I guess perhaps this related to the main idea of the story.

One thing that I found a bit unfortunate would be Idris Elba. It felt he was wasted in the film, due to the heavy make-up he was in. Also there wasn’t much scenes where you could see him act.

As for the scenes, they were shot nicely with some CGI graphics here and there. The fighting scenes were exciting, whether it’s on the ship or land. I also love the costumes and make-up; but I found it annoying to see Captain Kirk only had one blue eye on his face. Especially after all he had to go through, the guy should have several broken ribs, along with broken legs and perhaps an arm or two.

So, what do I think of it? Overall, it was a fun film to watch. It was entertaining and fun to watch. After all this is supposed to be an entertainment, instead a serious film, right? Anyway, if you haven’t watched it, then just go and watch it.


Today at the Cinema #9

Star Trek Beyond <3.7/5>


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