Suicide Squad

Hello, and welcome back to Today at the Cinema.

I have to say, in my opinion, this film is probably the most hyped film in current year. I have seen all the marketing of this film from last year, and it was everywhere…well, at least in the internet.

To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention at first. In fact, I knew this film from a friend’s timelines in Path. She’s a huge fan of Jared Leto, so it’s normal for her to be looking forward to see the film. Me, on the other hand, was just curious to see what’s the hype about.

I guess, from that paragraph alone, you’ve already guessed what film I would review…right?


Of course, it’s none other than Suicide Squad. Disclaimer time, I am not DC comic fan, and I even haven’t read any suicide squad’s comic…if there’s such thing. So, bare with me if I don’t know much about it. Now with that put aside, let’s do this!


Right, I’m sure all of you have known what the plot is. Tl;dr a group of criminals were brought together to fight evil. Interesting plot, but it was done poorly. I found the plot is a bit…ridiculous (dear fans, please don’t kill me). I mean it’s interesting to see some ‘supposed-to-be-unordinary’ bad guys with different backgrounds being put together to fight another bad guy. But when they have to fight against a supernatural villain, I was like…”errr, what?! That’s just BS! ”

Okay, before anyone decides to track me down and do something bad to me, let me explain. Let’s see what kind of people in Suicide Squad; we have a master sharpshooter, a pyro, a lizardman, a drunk-Australian with a boomerang, and a…Harley Quinn. Ow, and that one guy who only got two or three scenes. Hmmm…wait, are the samurai woman and army dude also members of the team or not? Anyway, apart from the first three, the others were non-super-power-or-skilled bad guys, not much different with the special force/soldiers in the film.

So, why they’ve got chosen to fight a supernatural villain, when even the special force can’t handle it?

I mean, it would be a different case if they were fighting some terrorist group, not a supernatural one. If the bullets of the special force didn’t work on this magical creature, then how would Deadshot’s bullets make any difference? Also, how a boomerang, a hammer/mallet, and a samurai (wait, I guess a samurai could do…) could give more impacts in the fights against supernatural beasts than guns?  Okay, perhaps in this world, bare-hands, a hunting weapon, and a construction tool are better weapons than guns etc. Yeah, it still sounds ridiculous.

Anyway, let’s move on. Apart from that, I actually like the acting; it was quite good, and there was a good chemistry between the actors. Margot Robbie was good as Harley Quinn; she can act as a lunatic convincingly. Cara Delevingne was amazing as the enchantress. Jason Statham…I mean Jay Hernandez was good as well. All and all, I like them all.

I guess if I could point out an imperfection, it would be Will Smith’s character. The whole assassin with a gold heart is a bit…meh. In some ways, it feels like Will Smith’s typical character, and it’s getting boring. At least, Will is still good in it. There’s one actor with a big disappointment on my list.

Who am I talking about? Well, none other than the Joker, in this case Jared Leto. I’ve read and watched Batman stuff to know about the character. I like Jack Nicholson’s Joker, and probably will like Heath Ledgers’ Joker if I finally watch Dark Knight. But Jared Leto’s Joker is just…utterly a joke.

Okay, maybe I’m being harsh, maybe he wasn’t that bad, but I found the Joker was just weird in this film. It just doesn’t feel right; also there was a forced feeling in it. It felt as if Jared tried all he got to act insane or psycho, but it was just really forced that it felt fake. It was just not good.

Also, that didn’t get any help with how misleading the trailer and the marketing were when they were promoting the film. In the marketing and trailer, it felt as if Joker would have a big part in the film by showing fancy scenes and poster of the character, making a big deal about it. But it turned out, Joker was barely in it. I felt betrayed in some ways.

Phew, this review has got too long, I need to stop now. So, overall how I like it? I think it’s an entertaining film. Apart from the stuff I have mentioned before, the film was quite enjoyable. Try watching it. In the meantime, I should hide myself now.


Today at the Cinema #10

Suicide Squad <3/5>


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