The Nice Guys

Hello, and welcome to Today at the Cinema.


After reviewing the messily confusing Solace, this film felt like a fresh breeze after the stormy night. Eventhough this wasn’t the first thought that popped in my head, after seeing the trailer.

To be honest, I usually avoid film trailers before watching the film. I just don’t want to get too excited with it, especially if the film wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But this film is different.

After got forced to watch the trailer when I watched Suicide Squad, I thought this film would be interesting, and it was.

So, what film am I talking about? Well, I’m sure you’ve already known the title of the film…from the title of the blogpost. But anyways, ladies and gents, let me introduce you to…The Nice Guys.


Where should I start? Let’s go with the plot. The plot was quite simple actually. Two detectives (well, a detective and a thug) deal with two different cases that would end up making them into partners in solving one big case. You have heard or seen this plot, I bet. Nothing special. But the film didn’t let you off with that and be lazy, instead it offered the audience with an intriguing script, a series of witty, fresh and humorous conversation between each characters. It was very refreshing to enjoy the film.

To be added, the performance of the main characters is exciting. It’s interesting to see Russell Crowe acted in comedy film, but I have to admit Ryan Gosling was the one who took the whole cake in here. Honestly, Gosling has never grasped me as an interesting actor before, yet this film has changed my point of view. It seems his role was meant for him, and he has found what he was supposed to work at.

One thing that I found surprising was the chemistry between Crowe and Gosling. Who would ever know that these two could play together very well? I know I said that Gosling was the one that was really beaming, but if it’s not with Crowe, I don’t think it would happen. You could just taste the well-chemistry between them, and along with the fascinating script, they made the film so enjoyable.

I must say, come to think of it, none of the actors or actresses in the film turned me off, even the child actresses and actors in it. All of them played their part well. Oh, and have I mentioned to you how I love the actress who plays as Goslings’ daughter? She was good and definitely memorable (though in some ways she reminded me of young Reese Witherspoon…).

The directing was also nice. No cliché shots or trying-to-be-artsy shots. I love how they tried so hard to make the film looked like in the 70’s. Even the soundtracks were delightful (if you don’t mind 70’s songs that is).

All in all, this was one funny, refreshing, film. Not only the scripts are tasty, but the actors were really good in serving them up. I could have a second of this film. Totally recommend it!


Today at the Cinema #12

The Nice Guys <4.5/5>



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