Our Kind of Traitor

There is one reason why I don’t like watching horror film, and that is the jumpscare. Well of course there’s the eerie atmosphere, scary-looking ghosts, and of course the frightening build-up that-would-make-my-heart-go-racing.

Well, interestingly the film that I’m about to review isn’t a horror film, but the feeling that it gave was almost as if I’m watching a horror film.

Never before a film makes my heart goes racing for the entire time…well, not until this one. Huff…this film isn’t good for my heart.

Honestly, I didn’t know about this film at all, until my husband told me about it. It’s a British film, so I have a hunch how it will go. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself now.


Let’s start with the plot. The story is about some British professor who met some Russian mob on his holiday. That unsuspected meeting would lead him to a deeper situation.

From there, the plot may sound familiar. The whole unsuspected meeting leads to a more complex situation. There are many films that have the sort of plot, too many perhaps. At first, I thought it might be boring or at least standard.

But the film proved me wrong.

One thing that I found it different is the feeling that it gave me. From the start, the film has given an intense feeling. The plot didn’t start when everything was all peaceful, but instead it started with a ‘trouble in paradise’ situation. This part alone, I found, is unlike other films with similar plot. On the first bit part of the film, they’ve shown how the relationship between professor and his wife has been in turmoil, which gave out how tense the two were. The next scenes didn’t cool down the situation, instead heating the tense up more, and the intensity kept going even until the end of the film.

I took my words back, it wasn’t boring.

With nice phases between scenes and good dialogue between the actors, the film was succeeded to make me absorbed into it, that my heart just couldn’t stop racing. Phew.

The acting was also good. Ewan McGregor did a good job, though I actually like the guy who played as Dima. He’s good. On the other hand, in some ways the chemistry between McGregor and Naomie Harris wasn’t really there, but perhaps it’s related to the condition of the couple to begin with.

There are some minor points here and there, but most of them were too little to ruin the film. Other than that, it was a good film which is worth it to be watched.


Today at the cinema #13

Our Kind of traitor <3.8/5>


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