The Result of Boredom and Curiosity: Diet Coke + Coke Zero

DISCLAIMER: This is just a random experiment/observation, which would be resulted of me regretting it. Maybe.

It happened when I saw these two siblings in a mini mart.

The Twins

Yes, they are Diet Coke and Coca-cola Zero.

As I was looking at them, I was wondering what the differences of these two. I’ve read some articles or blog posts about the differences. I also have heard some people mentioned the differences of these two. But for some reasons, I’m still curious.

So, I ended up buying these two, and now I am trying them out. Hopefully I won’t regret drinking two cans of soda at night, when I will have work tomorrow morning.

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Have a seat, and let me make some tea

Hello, and welcome to my yet-another-new blog~

After struggling to find a new place to write a new blog, I have discovered some new places. Yet, none of them was…satisfying. So here I am, coming back here; a blogging site which was neglected for a long time.

As for this blog, don’t let the blog’s name deceit you. This blog won’t be about Saturn or radio. It might have some stuff on space…perhaps. Definitely, it will be about some random stuff that I want to put in the inet.

Anyway, here’s your tea…and enjoy your stay!