Our Kind of Traitor

There is one reason why I don’t like watching horror film, and that is the jumpscare. Well of course there’s the eerie atmosphere, scary-looking ghosts, and of course the frightening build-up that-would-make-my-heart-go-racing.

Well, interestingly the film that I’m about to review isn’t a horror film, but the feeling that it gave was almost as if I’m watching a horror film.

Never before a film makes my heart goes racing for the entire time…well, not until this one. Huff…this film isn’t good for my heart.

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The Nice Guys

Hello, and welcome to Today at the Cinema.


After reviewing the messily confusing Solace, this film felt like a fresh breeze after the stormy night. Eventhough this wasn’t the first thought that popped in my head, after seeing the trailer.

To be honest, I usually avoid film trailers before watching the film. I just don’t want to get too excited with it, especially if the film wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But this film is different.

After got forced to watch the trailer when I watched Suicide Squad, I thought this film would be interesting, and it was.

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Hello, and welcome back to Today at the Cinema.

As usual, I will present to you a review of a film that I’ve watched. Though… honestly, I didn’t know how to review this one. It was a bit blurry yet confusing film.

I’m sure I’ve told this for a lot of time, since I’ve never tried watching any trailers or reviews on films, I tend to just go blindly. I guess, for this one…at least I should have read or watched other reviews.

Though I don’t know whether that would help…

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Suicide Squad

Hello, and welcome back to Today at the Cinema.

I have to say, in my opinion, this film is probably the most hyped film in current year. I have seen all the marketing of this film from last year, and it was everywhere…well, at least in the internet.

To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention at first. In fact, I knew this film from a friend’s timelines in Path. She’s a huge fan of Jared Leto, so it’s normal for her to be looking forward to see the film. Me, on the other hand, was just curious to see what’s the hype about.

I guess, from that paragraph alone, you’ve already guessed what film I would review…right?


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Star Trek Beyond

Hello, how are you? I am back in the station, after gone MIA. There were too many other businesses that I had to dealt with, so I didn’t really have time to do reviews of films. Hopefully I could be back in reviewing more films.

Speaking more films, to make it up, I will present some reviews of films that I’ve watched recently. I will try to post two reviews in a week. As for today, it’s a Sci-Fi film.

I don’t really remember when the last time I watched Sci-Fi.

Ow, wait…I do. It was the latest Star Wars film. Yeah, probably that was the last time…

Anyway, for this film…it would be that OTHER BIG Sci-Fi saga, that I’m sure everyone knows about it.

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Jukebox Jams #2+3


My biggest apology for leaving the station too long. Just had to deal with some stuff, and it took all my time. Infact, I even forgot that I haven’t put the second playlist that I’ve made in here.

As for my apology, I’d present to you two playlists that I’ve made. One is for Valentine’s day and the other one is for White day. With such theme, I decided to make them using only Japanese female vocals (Valentine’s day playlist) and Japanese male vocals (White day playlist), representing the whole days’ traditions in there.



Due to some idontknowwhatsgoingon-technical problem, I can’t seem putting the White day playlist in here. So, I’ll just give the link instead, White day playlist.

The Intern

Wednesday seems to have become my go-to-the-cinema day, well…unofficially that is. So of course, I’ve decided to watch a film today.

There were two choices that I wanted to watch. They are Johnny Depp’s newest film (where he doesn’t act like a weirdo anymore) or Anne Hathaway’s newest film (where she acts as quirky as ever?).

At first I thought it would be interesting to see Johnny Depp acts seriously, but apparently fate thought differently…

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