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Wednesday seems to have become my go-to-the-cinema day, well…unofficially that is. So of course, I’ve decided to watch a film today.

There were two choices that I wanted to watch. They are Johnny Depp’s newest film (where he doesn’t act like a weirdo anymore) or Anne Hathaway’s newest film (where she acts as quirky as ever?).

At first I thought it would be interesting to see Johnny Depp acts seriously, but apparently fate thought differently…

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Hotel Transylvania 2

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to watch a film!

Seeing that it’s October already, I’m not surprised to see some Horror related films are starting to pop-up here and there. Either from real horror films to films that have horror themes in it. I guess for horror fan, this is their month indeed.

Ow, wait…today’s not Wednesday…

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

It was a dilemmatic situation, as in…to watch or not to watch the film. After being disappointed with lots of sequels and to be added not too mesmerised with the prequel of this film, I don’t have much interest in watching the sequel.

But for the sake of being one of the cool people, I guess I have to watch it.

Also…I had more or less 4 hours to spare anyway…

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The Man from U.N.C.L.E

It has been a long time since the last time I saw Hugh Grant. So, when I knew that Hugh Grant was cast for a new film, I was kinda curious what kind of film he is in.

Of course, if we’re talking about Hugh Grant, the first guess would be another romantic-comedy film. well…at least that was my guess…

But apparently it’s a spy/heist film. Yeah, who would guess that…

Ow, and boy…Hugh Grant looks old~

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Inside Out

For me, this film has the longest promotion period comparing it to other films. I have seen the posters on the coming soon frame for months. Not to mention I also kept seeing its trailer every time I watched other films.

After being skipped by other (big) films such as, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys, Minions and even Ant Man, finally I can watch this film.

Such a little teaser…

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Catatan Akhir Kuliah

Ah, I remember Catatan Akhir Sekolah (CAS). I used to like it to be honest. The story may seem simple, but it has its own complexity in it. Not to mention, the jokes are quite ticklish. Also…there are some quotes that are still stick in my head (“Apa kita terlalu jenius, sampe semua orang pada iri sama kita?! Iya?!” -> unforgettable quote is UN.FOR.GET.ABLE)

So, when I know that there’s the sequel, Catatan Akhir Kuliah, I was sooo excited to watch it. I always wonder how the university life would be for three fellows from CAS. I have a feeling the film would be interesting to watch!


It’s not the sequel?!

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Comic 8: Casino Kings

One fine day…
A: Hey, good job on the first film, dude!
B: Thanks! It was quite good, right?
A: Yeah! Everyone seems liking it.
B: I know. I even thought of making a sequel just now.
A: No, shit! Me too!
B: Great! I was thinking of making it like this…ya know like that film. We just took a small bit of it, and turn it to a parody.
A: Ow, that would be good! Or we could just add this from this film, and level up the joke!
B: That could work too! Let’s write this down!

As the time went by, they were really into the planning.

And this is behind the scene of Comic 8: The Casino Kings.

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Previously, in the last show~


Such…an…awful, awful, awful…sweet temptation…


In today’s show… (this is a recap of what’s happening in this week…)

Start of the week…


Oh, my god! Takeshi’s catch-up sale?! After the other sale?! I guess it’s summer and all…but still…

Let’s see…how much we’ve got here…

After digging through into the depth of Mr. Piggy Bank and every pockets, I’ve found some cash for the sale. Yatta!

Middle of the week

Aaah…life has been good. I’ve got Takeshi’s S2 stories, also not to mention the new boy toys’ stories. Can’t wait to play all of them~

Should I play with Takeshi or one of the new boy toys first? Hauuuuu~

End of the Week

All of sudden…I received this…


I really can’t believe it. After the main stories, now they’re putting a sale on the sequels?! Also…on the same week after Takeshi’s catch-up sale?!

Seriously…Voltage Inc.

Like seriously?!

Like REALLY seriously?!

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Food Boys Over Flower


It has been a while for me to write in here, right? Hopefully it’s not the sign of yet-another-neglected blog. Well, hopefully not.

Anywhoo,  today I’ve decided to do some changes. I was thinking of deciding to give one special spot for…well some ‘special’ guests. Let me introduce you to…my boy toys~


must.not.melt…must.not.drool…must.control.self… *chant to self*

As you see, the Boy Toys are a group of two-dimensional guys whom I fancy. To be honest, these are just some of them, and there are still many of them that I didn’t put. In case you don’t know, these guys are taken from either games, animes or mangas.

Now, the special spot will be all about them, from their games to some random facts or thoughts about them. Hence the name of the spot is…Boys over Flower.

For those who don’t know, Boys over Flower is taken from a Japanese manga series that goes with the same title, Boys over Flower a.ka Hana Yori Dango (花より男子). The manga title itself is supposed to be a pun from a Japanese proverb Hana Yori Dango (花より団子), which means Dumpling over Flower. This proverb means “to prefer substance over style”; in which, food over flower means food is more important than flower.

Buuut…having some so-hot-and-droolly-that-could-make-me-melted fascinating boys is also important than flower. It’s important for the soul… *serious mode on*

Yes, I know…I’ve touched your heart…

Anyway, that’s it from me~ peace out!