Hello, and welcome back to Today at the Cinema.

As usual, I will present to you a review of a film that I’ve watched. Though… honestly, I didn’t know how to review this one. It was a bit blurry yet confusing film.

I’m sure I’ve told this for a lot of time, since I’ve never tried watching any trailers or reviews on films, I tend to just go blindly. I guess, for this one…at least I should have read or watched other reviews.

Though I don’t know whether that would help…

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Comic 8: Casino Kings

One fine day…
A: Hey, good job on the first film, dude!
B: Thanks! It was quite good, right?
A: Yeah! Everyone seems liking it.
B: I know. I even thought of making a sequel just now.
A: No, shit! Me too!
B: Great! I was thinking of making it like this…ya know like that film. We just took a small bit of it, and turn it to a parody.
A: Ow, that would be good! Or we could just add this from this film, and level up the joke!
B: That could work too! Let’s write this down!

As the time went by, they were really into the planning.

And this is behind the scene of Comic 8: The Casino Kings.

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