And They Did It Again…

Wednesday, 21st October 2015…


My reaction:

Omgomgomgomg! SALE!!!

Saturday, 24th October 2015…


My reaction:


But…but…but…I’ve just spent my money one the other sale…

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Previously, in the last show~


Such…an…awful, awful, awful…sweet temptation…


In today’s show… (this is a recap of what’s happening in this week…)

Start of the week…


Oh, my god! Takeshi’s catch-up sale?! After the other sale?! I guess it’s summer and all…but still…

Let’s see…how much we’ve got here…

After digging through into the depth of Mr. Piggy Bank and every pockets, I’ve found some cash for the sale. Yatta!

Middle of the week

Aaah…life has been good. I’ve got Takeshi’s S2 stories, also not to mention the new boy toys’ stories. Can’t wait to play all of them~

Should I play with Takeshi or one of the new boy toys first? Hauuuuu~

End of the Week

All of sudden…I received this…


I really can’t believe it. After the main stories, now they’re putting a sale on the sequels?! Also…on the same week after Takeshi’s catch-up sale?!

Seriously…Voltage Inc.

Like seriously?!

Like REALLY seriously?!

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Food Boys Over Flower


It has been a while for me to write in here, right? Hopefully it’s not the sign of yet-another-neglected blog. Well, hopefully not.

Anywhoo,  today I’ve decided to do some changes. I was thinking of deciding to give one special spot for…well some ‘special’ guests. Let me introduce you to…my boy toys~


must.not.melt…must.not.drool…must.control.self… *chant to self*

As you see, the Boy Toys are a group of two-dimensional guys whom I fancy. To be honest, these are just some of them, and there are still many of them that I didn’t put. In case you don’t know, these guys are taken from either games, animes or mangas.

Now, the special spot will be all about them, from their games to some random facts or thoughts about them. Hence the name of the spot is…Boys over Flower.

For those who don’t know, Boys over Flower is taken from a Japanese manga series that goes with the same title, Boys over Flower a.ka Hana Yori Dango (花より男子). The manga title itself is supposed to be a pun from a Japanese proverb Hana Yori Dango (花より団子), which means Dumpling over Flower. This proverb means “to prefer substance over style”; in which, food over flower means food is more important than flower.

Buuut…having some so-hot-and-droolly-that-could-make-me-melted fascinating boys is also important than flower. It’s important for the soul… *serious mode on*

Yes, I know…I’ve touched your heart…

Anyway, that’s it from me~ peace out!