And They Did It Again…

Wednesday, 21st October 2015…


My reaction:

Omgomgomgomg! SALE!!!

Saturday, 24th October 2015…


My reaction:


But…but…but…I’ve just spent my money one the other sale…

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The Result of Boredom and Curiosity: Diet Coke + Coke Zero

DISCLAIMER: This is just a random experiment/observation, which would be resulted of me regretting it. Maybe.

It happened when I saw these two siblings in a mini mart.

The Twins

Yes, they are Diet Coke and Coca-cola Zero.

As I was looking at them, I was wondering what the differences of these two. I’ve read some articles or blog posts about the differences. I also have heard some people mentioned the differences of these two. But for some reasons, I’m still curious.

So, I ended up buying these two, and now I am trying them out. Hopefully I won’t regret drinking two cans of soda at night, when I will have work tomorrow morning.

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Previously, in the last show~


Such…an…awful, awful, awful…sweet temptation…


In today’s show… (this is a recap of what’s happening in this week…)

Start of the week…


Oh, my god! Takeshi’s catch-up sale?! After the other sale?! I guess it’s summer and all…but still…

Let’s see…how much we’ve got here…

After digging through into the depth of Mr. Piggy Bank and every pockets, I’ve found some cash for the sale. Yatta!

Middle of the week

Aaah…life has been good. I’ve got Takeshi’s S2 stories, also not to mention the new boy toys’ stories. Can’t wait to play all of them~

Should I play with Takeshi or one of the new boy toys first? Hauuuuu~

End of the Week

All of sudden…I received this…


I really can’t believe it. After the main stories, now they’re putting a sale on the sequels?! Also…on the same week after Takeshi’s catch-up sale?!

Seriously…Voltage Inc.

Like seriously?!

Like REALLY seriously?!

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Hades’ #1 Fan

Today, Percy Jackson was on. To be honest, I don’t really like the film. Other than how the series ruin Greek Myth (disclaimer, IMO), I don’t like how the image that they gave for Hades.

Then again…I never like Hades’ image in popular culture.

Hades is always portrayed to be this bad, evil guy. Typical antagonist, yada yada yada. When in fact, despite being the God of the Underworld, Hades wasn’t a bad guy. Yeah, he might be grim and stern. Not to mention, he was also said to be cruel, unyielding, fierce and inexorable; also he was not especially liked by either gods; and of all the gods he was by far the most hated by mortals, that the ancient Greeks rarely spoke his name aloud because it was thought to be unlucky.


Yeah, I won’t win the case of him being not a bad guy by saying those, ne?

Then again, how wouldn’t he be hated by mortals? He was the ruler of the Underworld, and therefore most often associated with death. So, in some ways, he might be thought as scary, and you just don’t want to mess around with Death. Eventhough ironically he wasn’t the god of Death, since for that you have Thanatos.

He also supervised the judgment and punishment of the dead, but did not torture them himself. That task was left to the Furies, the female spirits of justice and vengeance. Lastly, the dude lived in the darkness, so it’s no wonder if he developed a rather morbid personality. But it doesn’t mean he’s evil, since he wasn’t an evil god (unlike some God who liked to play around with human *cough*zeus*cough*).

I wish people could give some love to Hades. At least make him an anti-hero. The guy deserves it.