Star Trek Beyond

Hello, how are you? I am back in the station, after gone MIA. There were too many other businesses that I had to dealt with, so I didn’t really have time to do reviews of films. Hopefully I could be back in reviewing more films.

Speaking more films, to make it up, I will present some reviews of films that I’ve watched recently. I will try to post two reviews in a week. As for today, it’s a Sci-Fi film.

I don’t really remember when the last time I watched Sci-Fi.

Ow, wait…I do. It was the latest Star Wars film. Yeah, probably that was the last time…

Anyway, for this film…it would be that OTHER BIG Sci-Fi saga, that I’m sure everyone knows about it.

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

It was a dilemmatic situation, as in…to watch or not to watch the film. After being disappointed with lots of sequels and to be added not too mesmerised with the prequel of this film, I don’t have much interest in watching the sequel.

But for the sake of being one of the cool people, I guess I have to watch it.

Also…I had more or less 4 hours to spare anyway…

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Catatan Akhir Kuliah

Ah, I remember Catatan Akhir Sekolah (CAS). I used to like it to be honest. The story may seem simple, but it has its own complexity in it. Not to mention, the jokes are quite ticklish. Also…there are some quotes that are still stick in my head (“Apa kita terlalu jenius, sampe semua orang pada iri sama kita?! Iya?!” -> unforgettable quote is UN.FOR.GET.ABLE)

So, when I know that there’s the sequel, Catatan Akhir Kuliah, I was sooo excited to watch it. I always wonder how the university life would be for three fellows from CAS. I have a feeling the film would be interesting to watch!


It’s not the sequel?!

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